Where to obtain a burn permit?

To obtain permission to burn.  We ask that you call the station the day you want to burn, and check with us on the fire danger for that day. To contact us call 454-2111 7 days a week 7a-5p.  If you are unable to reach us at the station call our dispatch at 869-2501.  You must obtain permission to burn in city limits!


How do we apply to be a Volunteer Firefighter?

You can apply at Harrah City Hall Monday-Friday 9am-5pm.


What are the requirements to be a Volunteer Firefighter?

You must be between the ages of 18-45 per state pension requirments. It is recommended that you live within our fire response area.  You will be required to obtain Firefighter 1 within 1 year of employment, and First Responder within 2 years of employment when classes come available.


Do you install smoke alarms?

Yes.  We do install smoke alarms for needy families, or install alarms you purchase.  If you rent property your landlord is responsible for installing smoke alarms.


Do you install/check car seats?

Yes.  A couple of our firefighters are car seat technicians.  You can have your car seat installed or checked by appointment only.